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Where the intersection of your soul meets accountability, community & business acumen. Where we learn together, celebrate each other and move the dial forward on our biggest, boldest dreams.

is the new paradigm of weaving somatic expansion & strategic prowess to create the juiciest expression of our fullest selves.


is where we find true liberation and freedom and where we turn our work into art


Has big dreams that you want to actualize in this lifetime
(even if you aren't sure yet what they are yet).

Wants to create a financial legacy for yourself and your family. 

Wants to make a big impact in the world but isn't interested in the traditional hustle of doing business. 


Is ready to do the work to move the dial forward on your soul's mission.

Is done with your own excuses and circumstances and ready to create magic in your business and life.

Is excited to be in a reciprocal community of soul-led entrepreneurs who celebrate, share ideas and cheer each other on.


then Welcome to Empire


We are wired for deep connection and when we operate in the belief that we have to 'be' something we aren't in business, be performative, feel ashamed for where we are at, or feel competitive towards others we break that opportunity for connection.

EMPIRE calls us into a village of soul-led women who are doing the internal work of unravelling these beliefs while being in community in a way that deepens our connection to self and to each another. 

EMPIRE elevates us all.


Somatic Expansion experience

These sessions are part learning, part movement. We will meet our individual edges in these sessions and move through honouring them while moving beyond them. These sessions are designed to expand your capacity to hold more; more money, more receiving, more joy. This is where we rewire our nervous systems to call in and sustain our vision. 

Open sessions where as many people as time will allow will receive 'hot seat' coaching. This could be questions you need answered, idea generation, feedback needed. This will be styled as an incubator setting, where not only will I guide you but the group can also provide feedback or suggestions. 

Connect directly with the community to deepen relationships. These sessions will be small group focused to allow for more intimate conversation. All sessions will be prompted with focus questions to stimulate intentional discussion to support elevating your business through connection within EMPIRE. 

At the end of each month, we will gather to review the past month and set goals and intentions for the next month. This allows you to remain focused on what you need to do to continue to move the dial forward on your strategic goals while embodying the most expressed version of yourself. These sessions are structured like a co-working party. 
All sessions are recorded and posted within 24hrs for replay if you cannot make it live

This is not your average business container, the work we do together will bring to light the areas that you are not living in alignment and ask to be tended too, we are here to hold ourselves responsible to our magic and we are here to show up fully in the truth of who we are. The energetics of this often means we move quickly while surrendering to let go of  the pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us. What we will move through together can feel activating but on the other side, we will create true liberation and freedom
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Our bodies hold generations of trauma and pathways that have informed our nervous systems of an environment of safety. These are created from our beliefs, our conditioning and our environment. 

Our nervous system feels unsafe when we are entering unchartered territories and will alarm us that danger is ahead (this is how our fear gets kicked up).

But as entrepreneurs, we are constantly in a stream of change, trying new things and venturing into unknown territory. 

To build capacity within those beliefs, we work with the body as a tool of expansion to move beyond those conditioned and ancestral beliefs, so we may call in the boldest visions for our lives. 

Working with Somatics is a highly sacred initiation and one that once you understand your bodies innate wisdom, you will never go back. What happens in these sessions is highly personal and will allow you to develop a relationship to your body that will carry you for the rest of your life. 

Weaving somatics with strategy is how we reach true liberation and our deepest freedom. 


Meet Nicola

Space Holder, sage, certified somatic coach, mama, CEO, highly ambitious but dreams of spending weekends baking sourdough bread.

From the time I was in high school, entrepreneurship, leadership, and soul searching were passions that undeniably impacted the journey both in my life and career.

I graduated high school wanting to be a teacher but quickly knew that path was not the way for me. Starting my first business at 21 as an event planner then on to a corporate environment where strategic planning, culture development and people operations became my passion, I have always loved every facet of building and leading in business.

When my soul's whispers started getting louder in the summer of 2022, I knew it was time to bring together the intersection of all the knowledge from building and leading businesses with the sovereignty I have spent years cultivating within myself at a soul level.

EMPIRE, this body of work, is the culmination of the
devotion to creating a business that is in full attunement
of your soul's highest calling.


I have an insatiable desire to explore what is beneath the surface ~ NB


a note on committment

My goal as a soul-led CEO and facilitator of this container is to meet you where you are while you receive what you need to thrive in your business and your life. 

There is no set committment, you are welcome to come in and explore for a month, you can stay for years. All I ask is that while you invest this time and the resources to be here, you make a commitment to being available for your process to unfold.

It requires honesty, stretching yourself and most importantly showing up while cheering on the other souls who are here. This is the work of the village. This is how we change the world and the work we do.

ready to claim your liberation and freedom?


Whether this is a yes for you or a not right now, I want you to know

That your dreams matter, that building a body of work that is reflective of your soul is not only possible, it is needed. I hope you find a community of soul-led entrepreneurs that light you up and support you in your highest vibration. That living an attuned life is how we heal and create a safer more vibrant world. 

I see you, I love you xx


Absolutely, the cancellation policy allows for you to cancel anytime, however once your payment has been processed for that month, there is no refunds. 
Hot seat sessions are open coaching sessions where you can ask any question to support you and your business. There will always be an opportunity to send in Q's ahead of time in the event that you cannot make the live call time. 
IS THIS A PASSIVE MEMBERSHIP OR WILL I MEET OTHERS? The structure of this membership is one where you will meet others, to be supported and to create connection but this does require you to show up live to the calls in order to benefit from the connection building. The experiences are always available for viewing afterwards but to maximize the relationship aspect, you will want to be there live. 
I believe that our connection to God(des), Spirit, The Universe, Source (whatever language you use), is your own personal connection. I believe in sovereignty around all things, especially your values & belief systems. We will engage in guided meditations and somatic practises to support our nervous system. Astrological cycles/ moon cycles will also be a part of our discussions.  
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