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Hey you, I'm Nicola

I'm so glad you're here. If you have a dream in your heart, a vision you want to actualize, a legacy you want to leave, a whisper you want to explore... pull up a chair. 


the ache of chasing a vision but feeling like it is always just a little out of reach.
I know the pain of being faced with the decision of going all in on your dreams or staying safe in a job that doesn't totally light your soul on fire but does pay the bills. 
I know the push and pull of non-stop juggling motherhood with the knowing that you want to make an impact outside of being their mom but you also don't want to miss their childhood.
I know the paralyzation of never making enough money, never catching up, and wanting to build wealth but you know that your time & energy are already maxed.
I know the quiet moments that take you to your knees because you just know you are meant for more.



the freedom that is on the other side of releasing what no longer serves you.

I know the immeasurable joy that creating something from an idea brings you.

I know the pride that you feel when your children see you intentionally building and creating the life of your dreams.

I know the full-body exhale when your dream clients start rolling in, paying you exactly what you want.

I know the courage you build within the walls of your heart when you go all in on your biggest dreams.

I know the quiet moments when you get back up, brush yourself off and fucking go for it.


Space holder, sage, certified somatic coach, mama to 3, CEO, podcaster, writer, truth-teller, podcaster, obsessed with your potential, Space Holder, sage, highly ambitious but dreams of spending weekends baking sourdough bread.









A whole lot of earth vibes but getting reacquainted to the deep connection of luxury through my senses in this iteration of my growth 

A lot of life force and loves to build (emphasis on love), magnetic, loves to commit

The peacemaker. I love to find our common ground and create from that place (also don't 100% shy away from conflict so sometimes that's confusing to me)

I see your potential, I understand how everything impacts everything else (the biggest picture), I get shit done while building deep relationships and being your biggest cheerleader (I actually was a cheerleader in high school, not much has changed)

Leadership development
Making it Big feature

For a long time, I felt conflicted inside myself. I love to dirty dance to some good Hip Hop beats but I also can articulate the journey of my soul in a really deep way. I make a mean margarita but I am socially awkward when it comes to small talk. I love to public speak and story-tell but am more of an introvert. Now though, I just love all these bits of myself and have learned to embody all of the nuances that make me, me. 

Business strategy

I started my first business when I was 21, built a team, and built legendary events (even a million dollar wedding). I won a reality TV show and was mentored by a celebrity event planner. I later sold that business when I knew the industry was not going to sustain building a family. I landed in a corporate gig that I continued to build and build. This is where I fell in love with culture development, people operations and driving bottom line initiatives. After 8 years there, I knew I needed to get back into entrepreneurship but first led a team from 18 to 85 and it solidified everything I knew about building a business through culture. Then with an amazing co-partner, launched an agency and co-working studio that did nothing but elevate businesses and brands, it was epic. But here I am, in the final iteration of really fucking going for it and showing up so attuned in all I teach by marrying together the 20 years experience I've had in building businesses with the 20 years of leadership and soul-development I committed too at an early age (thanks for that guidance mum). 


What's most important to me is that you find somewhere or someone that believes in your dreams so much so you never doubt yourself (or in those moments you do, you have somewhere to turn to)

What's most important to me is that you learn to trust your intuition more than anyone else's advice, including mine (sovereignty is where true leadership exists)

What's most important to me is that you leave this planet laughing, celebrating and completely empty of inspiration, that you poured it all out while you were here.

What's most important to me is that you showed up fully, that you gave it your all, that you trusted that it could be done differently because you are so lit up from within. 

Because fully lit up women with resources change the world. 

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